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How Long Do Facebook Ads Take to Review? Guide 2023

Many people ask: how long do Facebook ads take to review? Facebook claims that ad reviews are typically finished in under 24 hours.

Every time a fresh ad is made and sent for approval, the Facebook ads review procedure will start.

Making your Facebook Ads, only to have to wait while they are being reviewed before they go live, can be frustrating. After all, you had to pay to post an ad in the first place.

We’ve examined all of Facebook’s current advertising policies, guidelines, and practices and compiled them here for quick reference.

Reasons Your Facebook Ad is Pending Review

If you’ve struggled with this process, you’re not by yourself. But there are good reasons why it takes so long. Each fresh ad campaign is manually reviewed by Facebook.

Due to the large number of businesses that advertise on Facebook, they must sift through thousands of ads every day to make sure they adhere to the platform’s advertising guidelines.

As you may be aware, Facebook has recently been the target of intense public scrutiny, and as a result, they have been mass-rejecting advertisements in order to be safe.

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How Long Does the Facebook Ad Review Process Take?

Facebook claims that ad reviews are typically finished in less than 24 hours.

These times are not, however, fixed in stone.

The review procedure can take days, or it can be finished in a matter of minutes. Even after they have been made live, assets can still be reviewed again, which can be very disruptive.

These timings may seem a little hazy to you at this point.

And you’d be right.

Because it can be challenging to estimate how long an advertisement approval on Facebook will take, it’s crucial to factor enough time into your campaign deadlines to allow for the review procedure.

To account for approval times and potential delays, we strongly advise submitting ads at least two weeks before the date you want them to go live.

What is the Facebook Ad Review Process?

Before any ads appear on the platform, they are all put through a review process on Facebook to determine their eligibility and suitability.

Facebook Ads review

Filtering out any inappropriate, deceptive, or contentious advertising content aims to ensure that only top-notch assets are approved.

This is a significant undertaking given the scope of Facebook advertising, as you might imagine.

However, occasionally, human moderators will manually review assets as part of Facebook’s review process, which is largely automated.

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What Are the Review Times?

Facebook claims that once an ad has been created, it is typically reviewed in less than 24 hours.
Your ad will be lined up with other ads awaiting review once you’ve finished creating it. This implies that if numerous other ads have been submitted for review prior to yours, you might have a long wait. Reviews generally take longer for ad sets with manual bidding and large budgets.
Unfortunately, this still holds true if you set your advertisement to start right away. The good news is that as soon as the review procedure is finished, your advertisement will go live.

What You Can Do in Regards to Timing

Waiting until the last minute is not a good idea, as it is with almost everything. The chances of your advertisement running on time are low if you wait to create it until the day you need it to. That said, there are ways you can ensure your ad is reviewed and running when you need it:

Create and Pause Your Ad

Your advertisement can be made in advance and put on hold. This will enable it to go through the review process so that you can use it when it is most convenient for you.

Plan Ahead

You can schedule your advertisement to run at a later time rather than immediately. This “set it and forget it” approach enables your advertisement to enter review and run exactly when you intend it to, without any hiccups.

Use a Different Network

If everything else fails and you need your advertisement to run right away, you might want to think about running it on a different platform. There are many to pick from, and you can always visit Facebook once more while keeping in mind to schedule time for the review process.

What to Do If Your Ads Are Rejected?

Don’t get upset if the Facebook review system has rejected your advertisement.

Your advertisement will be rejected and you will be informed directly as well as by a post on the Facebook Account Quality page that explains why.

You can request a re-review by following these instructions if you believe that your ads have been incorrectly rejected. It will take some time to process, but if you’re sure your ads don’t break any rules, it saves you from having to make changes.

However, if it’s obvious that your ads have violated the guidelines, you’ll need to leave and modify your assets.

You can resubmit your new or edited ads for another round of review after making any necessary changes.

Facebook may impose limitations on your account as a result of repeated ad rejections, which might stop you from starting fresh campaigns. Please refer to this guide for more details if you discover that your account has been disabled.

How Can I Make Sure That My Ads Will Be Approved?

It’s essential to launch smooth and effective campaigns by avoiding the hassles of Facebook ads that are rejected.

Although the speed of the ad review process can vary, by adhering to a few fundamental guidelines and tactics, you can significantly raise the likelihood of approval.

1. Don’t Advertise Banned Products Or Services

Trying to advertise illegal goods may seem like a no-brainer, but many advertisers can immediately run into a wall.

Since there is a long list of prohibited goods and services, it is always advisable to check before creating new advertisements if you’re unsure whether your campaign is included.

The following products are all strictly prohibited by the Facebook platform:

  • Illegal items or services
  • Tobacco and related products
  • Unsafe substances
  • Weapons or explosives
  • Adult content and services

2. Tread Carefully With Restricted Products

Even though some products aren’t outright forbidden on the Facebook platform, the ad review system still gives them a closer look.

The following products are all classed as ‘restricted’ by Facebook:

  • Alcohol
  • Dating services
  • Online gambling and gaming
  • Online pharmacy promotion
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Subscription services
  • Finance and insurance

These goods can be advertised on Facebook, but they frequently need to go through additional approval procedures. To launch new campaigns, for instance, financial brands must adhere to stringent ad regulations and age-restricted targeting.

Before submitting ads for review, make sure you check and fulfill any specific requirements if you intend to advertise any of these prohibited goods.

3. Set Up High-quality Landing Pages

The Facebook review process does more than just look over your artistic resources.

Additionally, it examines your landing pages and destination URLs to make sure that your website doesn’t contravene any rules.

Make certain that your website is pertinent and easy to use to prevent any ad rejections based on the content of the landing page.

The Facebook platform is likely to reject your ads if your landing page has no connection at all to your marketing message. The same holds true for misleading URLs.

Any distracting content on your landing page can also be a problem. For instance, sharing low-quality content that requires users to navigate through several pages may result in rejections.

4. Focus on Quality and Transparency

When you want to get your Facebook ads approved quickly, the words “quality” and “transparency” can help a lot.

Clear, expert, and user-friendly advertisements are examples of quality content. To prevent your ads from being blocked by the platform, avoid using bad grammar, vulgar language, and crude messaging.

The Facebook review system also places a high value on transparency.

Make sure your ads are truthful and informative to ensure a quick approval process. False claims and clickbait headlines can both be serious problems for advertisers.

Before creating new ads or sending in materials for review, always check the Facebook advertising policies if you have any questions about the rules you should be abiding by.

Although sometimes frustrating, the Facebook ad review process is essential.

Audiences would quickly lose interest in them if the platform was overrun with poor-quality ads, which would make it difficult for advertisers to run effective campaigns.

Keeping to Facebook policies, concentrating on high-quality advertisements, and accounting for potential delays are all wise ways to make the process that much easier to navigate. You can also lessen the headaches brought on by the reviews system.

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