How to Advertise Cleaning Business

How to Advertise Cleaning Business? Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re just starting a cleaning company or you’re an expert in your field, it’s not always easy to know how to advertise cleaning business.

Where should you place your ads? What should you spend? What makes you different from your rivals? No need to be concerned; we have the answers to all of your probing queries.

The process of creating a marketing plan for cleaning services includes defining your brand, making it known to the public, and providing the services you promise.

You can build your network and develop your business by being aware of practical marketing tools.

How to Advertise Cleaning Business Services: 11 Handy Tips

Here are 15 tips to help you advertise cleaning business and achieve business.

1. Learn Your Audience

The first step is to determine the target audience for your cleaning company’s marketing. Your target market might be local residents or particular kinds of business owners. Establishing your audience might also be aided by looking into who your rivals are communicating with. In marketing, learning your audience is referred to as identifying a target market.

It will be easier for you to create a message that is more individualized and relatable if you are aware of the demographics of your target audience (age, gender, and location).

2. Build a Company Brand

Company Brand

Your brand is the feeling people get from your business. Your attitude, your speech, the caliber of your work, your self-presentation, even the cleaning products you use, all contribute to this.

People will take you seriously if your company presents itself professionally and sounds that way. The likelihood of them wanting to work with you will increase as a result.

Take these steps when you’re building a brand for your cleaning business:

  • Choose a name. Choose a name for your cleaning business that is catchy, short, and simple to say. Make sure it isn’t already taken in your area because it should be unique.
  • Design a logo. Create a logo for your business by using a tool like Looka’s logo maker. Additionally, you have a choice in the font and color schemes.
  • Brand everything with your logo. Include your logo on everything your clients see, including your website, social media accounts, quotes, bills, advertisements, uniforms, and vehicles. This aids in brand and business marketing.
  • Launch the brand. If you have employees, describe your new brand to them and let your customers know about the change. For local brand promotion, you can also get involved in your community.

You can build a powerful brand by giving your customers an experience that is consistent, unique, and memorable. That will set you apart from your rivals.

3. Develop a Conversion-Focused Website

It is crucial to include your services and contact details. Still, when you are starting a new cleaning business, it is just as important to collect email addresses and contact information from those visiting your website. Adding site visitors to your email or newsletter list can encourage them to become frequent customers.

Here are some easy-to-use websites that offer conversion tools to increase your return on investment (ROI):

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • GoDaddy

4. Invest in Pay Per Click Advertising

Use online marketing techniques to promote your cleaning company’s website, such as pay-per-click advertising. When someone searches for house cleaning, commercial cleaning, or another service your company provides, websites like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising’s paid plans will give your website preference over a competitor’s website.

5. Utilize Social Media

Understanding how different social media channels work will allow you to market your cleaning business better.

  • Facebook – Facebook makes it simple to create a business page and gain followers. You can run Facebook ads and post information about your business’s hours of operation and services provided from your page. On your Facebook business page, customers can also leave reviews, and more positive reviews will help more people find your page.
  • Twitter – Twitter also allows you to create a business page. You can create paid advertisements to reach more potential customers by having a Twitter business page.
  • LinkedIn – A free way to post job openings is on LinkedIn, a professional platform. It is also a fantastic way to build brand recognition for your cleaning business.
  • Instagram – Instagram has recently taken over as the top social media platform for influencers who have a large following and are typically paid to promote brands and goods. Influencers can collaborate with you on how to promote your cleaning business.

6. Invest in Effective CRM Software

Customer relationship management software (CRM) allows you to more efficiently and effectively schedule and track your clients and store contact information for streamlined house cleaning marketing.

WorkWave’s software enables you to easily manage a customer database, send quotes and estimates, book one-time and recurring appointments, and distribute work orders to your staff.

7. Grow Your Email List

There is a valid reason why email marketing is so oversaturated today. A quick and affordable method of reaching your audience is via email. As mentioned earlier, developing a conversion website to collect contact information like email addresses is one of the best ways to grow your network.

If you are looking to expand your email reach beyond those who have visited your website, you can purchase email lists. You can purchase lists from businesses like ZoomInfo, Exact Data, and Sleeknote that are based on the demographic data you provide, which will help you market your cleaning company more effectively.

8. Network

It’s crucial to have an efficient online and advertising strategy, but it’s also crucial to meet with potential customers in person. Making a personal connection with potential customers can result in repeat business and customer recommendations.

To connect with other businesspeople in your community, join the chamber of commerce. They could expand your network of contacts or turn out to be potential clients. Getting involved in community events is another excellent way to meet customers and build your network to market your cleaning business through word of mouth.

9. Maintain Your Reputation

How to Advertise Cleaning Business

Having a reputable business that people trust is important for commercial and house cleaning marketing. By implementing best practices to uphold the reputation of your cleaning business, you will attract more referrals and repeat business. Make sure you and your team pay attention to and work to meet the needs of your customers.

The best way to expand your network and create a recurring customer program is to satisfy your customers. By being open and truthful with your clients and staff at all times, you can achieve this. Employees interact frequently with customers and promote your cleaning company.

10. Think Outside of the Box

Consider creative advertising strategies for how to market a cleaning business that will grab a potential customer’s attention even if you have already started building a website and setting up a Facebook Business Page.

  • Transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard. Branded magnets are available for both your car and the cars of your employees. You will increase your visibility on the road and among potential customers if you use this marketing strategy for your cleaning company.
  • Local neighborhoods are good places to buy flyers and door hangers. Private mailboxes are off limits for the use of business flyers, but doors are definitely acceptable locations. Easily disseminating information about your cleaning company, door hangers are less likely to fly away.
  • Give Local Businesses Your Business Card. Numerous neighborhood restaurants, gas stations, and other small businesses will let you leave your business cards out for no charge. Network with local business owners and ask if you can take advantage of some free promotions.
  • Blog! Many websites offer free blogging plugins that you can add to your website. Creating informative blogs that are relevant to your cleaning business will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and drive more traffic to your site.

On any unconventional marketing strategies you use for your cleaning company, make sure to maintain branding and provide contact information.

11. Purchase Targeted Mail Lists

Similar to targeted email lists, you can buy targeted snail mail lists for house cleaning marketing. Software like Service Autopilot helps you to maximize your target area by offering a partnership with Smart Maps to cover your mailing routes better. Utilize functions like defining a radius from your cleaning company’s office.

To reach your target audience through mailed newsletters and offers, services like Direct Mail also provide mailing lists that you can purchase. Not all customers will have access to or prefer to use the internet when searching, so mailings are still an effective way to promote your cleaning business.

12. Ask for Reviews

When creating a marketing strategy and promoting your cleaning company, honest testimonials from previous and current clients help establish credibility that you can use to your advantage. Current statistics show that 84 percent of consumers read reviews for local businesses before they make a decision.

It is crucial to realize that while unfavorable reviews may hurt your cleaning company, aiming for customer satisfaction will help you get more favorable feedback. Customers used to only post reviews after having a bad experience, but these days they also post more reviews after having good experiences.

  • Google – The most widely used search engine today is Google, and getting good reviews there will help you rank higher in their searches.
  • Yelp – Yelp is a fantastic tool for marketing your cleaning company. Today, many consumers continue to use this one of the first review websites.
  • Facebook – Positive Facebook reviews, as previously mentioned, can help your Facebook page appear in general search engine results as well as help you become more visible on Facebook.

13. Emphasize the Benefits

When advertising to the public, it is simple to begin listing the services your cleaning business offers. But even so, prospective clients are contacting you because they’ve already made the decision that they need window cleaning or carpet shampooing. Make sure to emphasize the advantages of working with your company over one of your competitors.

Free estimates and a focus on how straightforward your process is will help you stand out. Offer loyalty rewards if you’re attempting to create a program for recurring customers. Offering free extra rooms, cleaning supplies, or other complimentary extras will help you keep customers.

14. Get Certified

Even though it is not necessary for you to operate, having a certified cleaning company will give you an edge over the competition. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) was established with the goal of bringing together cleaning companies and establishing best practices to provide hygienic and secure solutions to consumers and businesses.

Applying for CIMS Certification through the ISSA requires your cleaning business to meet best management guidelines in six different areas:

  • Quality Systems
  • Service Delivery
  • Human Resources
  • Health, Safety, and Environment
  • Management Commitment
  • Green Building

However, having this certification will help to improve your customer credibility and is excellent for marketing your cleaning business. There are fees associated with submitting an application, assessing your business, and maintaining membership.

15. Shoot a Promotional Video

Filming a promotional video may seem intimidating, but it is a great way how to market your cleaning business. Promotional videos allow you to tell your customers what you offer without them having to read and scroll through a website.

Anyone today can make videos as long as they have a smartphone or some basic equipment thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. When searching on YouTube, users are not always looking for the best videos. They are usually looking for a friendly face who can provide knowledgeable information to answer their questions.

Final Words on How to Advertise Cleaning Business

Now that you know how to market a cleaning business, you’re ready to start promoting your services.

Creating a thorough marketing plan is the best course of action when figuring out how to market your cleaning company.

Keep at it and stay positive—you’ll be getting new cleaning clients before you know it.

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