How to Advertise on Spotify

How to Advertise on Spotify? Full Guide 2023

Its broad reach is Spotify’s greatest asset. Without a doubt, it is currently the most popular audio streaming service in the world. So this guide on how to advertise on Spotify will definitely help you with brand or product advertising.

Spotify is an online streaming platform for music & podcasts. It has rapidly grown to be among the most popular streaming platforms, making it an excellent venue for advertising.

Continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to advertise on Spotify, as well as information on the different kinds of Spotify ads, their prices, and more!

Introduction to Spotify Advertisements

With 433 million users across 183 markets, including 188 million subscribers, Spotify is the most widely used audio streaming subscription service in the world.1

Spotify has a wide variety of ad formats available that have evolved significantly over time. They currently find that homepage takeovers (HPTO), streaming, podcasts, and custom playlists are the most popular ad formats.

With ads on Spotify’s streaming and podcast products, we at Ad Results Media specialize in assisting our clients in getting the most return on their investment. Instead of pre-produced ads, we’ve discovered that endorsement ads can deliver the best return on investment.

How to Advertise on Spotify?

Spotify Ads Studio will be very similar for you if you currently use advertising platforms like Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads.

1. Sign into Spotify Ads Studio

The first step is to sign up for Spotify Ads Studio, where you will manage and create all of your Spotify Ads.

Of course, having a Spotify account is required in order to do this.

Overall signing up is really easy & pain free.

2. Create Your Ad Campaign

Create Your Ad Campaign

Setting up our first campaign must come first.

The choice of the campaign type you want to run will then be presented.

You have three options:

  • An organisation or business
  • Existing music on Spotify
  • A physical concert of merchandise

3. Target People on Spotify

This is where we can specify who we want to use our Spotify Ads to target and how much money we will spend.

The three important sections to look at are:

  • Choosing your ad format
  • Set your ad schedule
  • Target your audience

Your anticipated campaign results will show up on the right side of the screen as you update these factors.

Target People on Spotify

4. Create Your Spotify Ad

This is when things really start to heat up. From here, we get to create the ad’s artwork and copy.

Additionally, the listener will be able to play and hear the audio file we upload.

Once you have finished creating your ad, you can publish it and you’re good to go!

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Why Advertise on Spotify?

How to Advertise on Spotify

Spotify has a formal advertising marketplace, just like Facebook and Instagram do. This makes the process of Spotify advertising simple. For the purpose of streamlining the advertising process and giving prospective advertisers a variety of options, they opened Spotify Ad Studio in 2017.

Since the majority of people are now accustomed to the freemium model, Spotify’s free users anticipate hearing advertisements while they listen to music. Ad-haters willingly pay a monthly fee to subscribe to the Premium service. This leaves people who accept that they will hear ads as the “price” of receiving their favorite music streaming for free.

Over other apps, Spotify has one advantage. Most people have at some point listened to the radio, where there are commercial breaks in between songs. They are already used to listening to ad-supported music. However, Spotify is a level above the radio. You can make your own playlist and aren’t at the mercy of the program director’s whims.

Types of Spotify Ads

A campaign can use a combination of Spotify’s audio and video display ads, which are available in a unique combination.

  • Audio: Endorsement ads
  • Audio: Produced ads
  • Video: Pre-roll
  • Video: Mid-roll
  • Display: Companion CTA cards with Podcasts

Podcast Ads

  • A wide range of devices, including mobile, desktop, tablet, web players, gaming consoles, smart TVs, connected speakers, in-car technology, and wearables, support podcast advertising.
  • Pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements can last up to 30 and 60 seconds, respectively. If you’re running both pre-rolls and mid-rolls, keep your message within 30 seconds to hold the listener’s attention and avoid skipping.

Video & Display Ads

Spotify video ads are 15 or 30-second video spots combined with a companion display banner and customizable call-to-action to help you drive engagement.

As an improvement to your display ad, we strongly advise using CTA cards. A CTA card display ad gives the user a direct prompt to perform the advertiser’s desired action, unlike podcast ads that frequently use vanity URLs or promo codes to track success.

Sponsored Playlists

You can sponsor some of Spotify’s most well-liked owned & operated playlists by using the Sponsored Playlist ad product.

To further drive engagement with native ad placements and in-playlist media, marketers can add audio ad and video ad

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Spotify?

Spotify works with advertisers to create a plan that fits the majority of budgets and objectives, but the price to advertise on the service varies widely and is influenced by many factors.

Variables that Impact Cost

  • Show Type or Popularity
  • Impression Volume
  • Specific Talent
  • Advertiser Demand

Summary: How to Advertise on Spotify

If you want to up your audio ad game, advertising on Spotify is a great strategy.

Remember that your audio will determine whether or not your Spotify advertisement is successful.

Therefore, put a lot of effort into making your audio advertisement as effective as possible.

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How Much is a 30-Second Spotify Ad?

Right now, Spotify charges around $0.015-$0.025 per ad served, with a minimum of $250 in ad budget. Your choice of targeting will affect the price.

How Much Money is 1k Views on Spotify?

As for how much Spotify pays per stream, they pay roughly $0.04 per 10 streams.

Is It Worth Advertising on Spotify?

Advertising on Spotify are 25% more effective than typical ads. Between 99 and 140 minutes are spent each day by the typical person listening to their favorite music on the audio streaming service.

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