Facebook Birthday Discount Ad

How To Run A Facebook Birthday Discount Ad? Complete Guide

Facebook Ads manager has a whole subsection of targeting called “Life Events” and this is where you will find birthday targeting. How to run a Facebook birthday discount ad? Businesses underutilize this easy-to-run Facebook birthday ad format. But now that you are aware of how to manage a Facebook birthday ad campaign, you are prepared to move ahead of your rivals.

Your Facebook ads manager account can be set up very easily. Let’s look at some of the best advice for managing your campaign!

You can avoid a typical donkey move by using a birthday advertising campaign: wasting your advertising budget on ineffective targeting and irrelevant offers.

Find out more about running Facebook birthday discount ads by continuing to read.

How To Set Up A Facebook Ads Birthday Discount Campaign?

The Facebook Ads Manager makes it simple to set up a Birthday ad campaign. Here are 10 steps to follow to create an amazing birthday campaign:

  1. On your Facebook page, go to Manage Ads
  2. Click on Create
  3. In Consideration, click Traffic
  4. Once here Campaign Name, type Birthday Giveaways
  5. In Ad set name, type women 18+ (or whoever your target birthday group is)
  6. Type “Birthday” into Detailed Targeting, and then select an option from the dropdown menu, such as Birthday in June
  7. In Budget, choose optimization, link clicks, and choose your daily budget
  8. In Ad name, type your ad name
  9. For the Website URL, put in the location that you want to send the traffic to e.g. landing page
  10. In the Text Box, add your text message e.g. Happy Birthday, here’s our gift to you, etc.
Facebook Birthday Discount Ad

How To Run A Facebook Birthday Discount Ad?

  1. Open an account at business.facebook.com and turn off your ad blocker.
  2. Click Create Ad.
  3. Choose Get more website visitors as the goal after selecting Choose a goal: Create a new advertisement from scratch.
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit your target audience after selecting the people you choose through targeting under Audience.
  5. Click Browse under Life events and Birthday under Detailed targeting.
  6. If you want a Facebook birthday deal advertisement to run continuously, select Upcoming Birthday. If not, click Birthday Month to choose the current month.
  7. By adjusting the target audience’s location, age, and gender, click the back button and repeat for the remaining audience.
  8. Click Save Audience.
  9. Once you’ve finished setting up the rest of your campaign, click Promote Now to start it up right away or Schedule Now to launch it later.

Here is a more thorough explanation of these instructions.

Step 1: Create A Facebook Ad

If you have an ad blocker enabled on your browser, you should first turn it off for business.facebook.com.

As you create an advertisement on Facebook, a preview of it is shown. It’s best to turn off your ad blocker while using Facebook’s advertising tools because it might interfere with them.

Next, go to business.facebook.com, and sign into the account that runs your Facebook page for businesses.

You should now be in the Meta Business Suite dashboard as a result.

Click the Create ad button located toward the top of the page. It is right beside the buttons for creating posts and stories.

Alternatively, select Ads from the left-hand side menu, then click Create ad.

Step 2: Choose A Goal

No matter which path you take to get there, the Facebook advertising dashboard always appears as a modal window.

Select Choose a goal from the options to the left if it’s not selected by default.

This enables you to select a specific objective. For the purpose of a Facebook birthday discount ad, choose Get more website visitors as a goal.

When offering a birthday discount, your main goal should be to persuade existing clients to finally make a purchase.

The ideal way to convince them to buy is by offering them a discount that is customized just for them. The first step in guiding them toward that objective is getting them to visit your website.

Step 3: Define Your Target Audience By Birthday

Scroll down to the Audience section, and select People you choose through targeting.

Then, click the pencil icon located nearby to edit your audience. Customers will be targeted using their birthdays in this way.

Scroll down to Detailed targeting, and click the Browse button located there.

The default selection ought to be the Demographics section. If it’s not, pick it.

Click Life events to reveal the dropdown menu for this option. Suddenly, a Birthday option is displayed.

If you plan on running a continuous ad, check the box for Upcoming birthday.

Here is how this method functions. Suppose you launch the advertisement in June and leave it running continuously for the rest of the year.

Facebook users who were born in June, July, or August, or who were born in June, July, or August, or who were born in June, July, or August, or who were born in June, or in any other month, will see the advertisement.

To ensure that you never overspend, you can set a daily budget. Additionally, you have the option to pause the advertisement at any time and modify your daily spending plan. This makes it a fantastic advertisement to run.

If you only want to run your ad during the current month, click the Birthday Month option to reveal another dropdown menu, then check the box for the current month.

If you would like, you can target additional demographics, interests, and user behaviors. You might want to target Facebook users who are interested in fitness or weightlifting if you run a gym, for instance.

When finished, press the back button.

Step 4: Define Target Audience By Age, Location And Gender

You can limit who sees your Facebook ads by setting up age, location, and gender targeting.

Since you aren’t aiming for a large audience, this strategy aids in increasing conversions.

By now, you ought to be familiar with your target market’s demographics. Pick them now if you wish.

Select the gender(s), age range, and area you want to target.

Enter the counties you serve if your company is local.

Facebook will grade your target audience as you make these changes on a scale from Specific to Broad. Try to remain within the green line at the center of this scale.

When you’re done, click Save Audience.

Step 5: Add Your Assets

You can use photos and videos you’ve already posted to your Facebook page, but creating a special image for your advertisement will make it much more successful.

Canva is the best tool to use when creating a Facebook ad image.

Canva is a graphic design tool that even non-designers can use with ease.

More importantly, you can make a Facebook ad using their templates in a matter of minutes.

Before logging in to the website’s main dashboard, first create an account.

Subtitled “What will you design?” click Social media., then switch over to the Facebook tab.

Selecting Facebook Ad will open the design interface in a size that is suitable for Facebook’s ad requirements.

Enter “coupon,” “discount” or “birthday” in the search box to find a template you’d like to work with.

One of Canva’s best features is how it divides templates into various components, allowing you to edit and customize each one separately.

You don’t like the discount template’s shopping cart icon. Change it out for a dumbbell.

The ad template you selected doesn’t make reference to a birthday. Modify the text or add a new text component!

When you’re finished with your ad design, save it as a PNG image with the appropriate name.

Adding Your Newly Created Asset To Your Facebook Ad

Back in Facebook, click Edit options, then Upload new, and upload the birthday discount ad image you created.

Step 6: Include A Marketing Message

Use the Description field to include a marketing message that will entice customers.

Something as simple as this will do:

“Here’s a special discount from us in honor of your birthday. 25% off your subsequent online purchase with the promo code BDAY115.”

You’ll need to add the coupon code to your online ordering system or set up a way for customers to redeem your offer in person, like this:

“Here’s a special discount from us in honor of your birthday. On the big day, just present your ID to us. Your order will be reduced by 25%.”

Add a headline as well, something along the lines of “Special Birthday Discount”. Unfortunately, you only have access to 25 characters.

Step 7: Choose A Target Destination

In the Website URL field, type the URL of the section of your website you’re promoting.

This might be a page from your website such as your home page, shop page, menu page, booking page, or a page for a particular product, etc.

Even if customers only use your discount in person, you must fill this out.

Next, pick a label for the button.

Use your arrow keys to scroll the drop-down menu for the Button label if you’re having trouble getting it to do so.

Select a theme that is appropriate for the nature of your company and how your offer will be utilized by customers.

Step 8: Define A Duration For Your Campaign

To find the Schedule and duration section, scroll down.

The kind of advertisement you’re running can be specified here.

If you selected Upcoming birthday, select Run this advertisement continuously.

If not, select the end date by clicking the End date field.

Also, select a Start date.

Step 9: Set A Daily Budget

Set a budget for the money you’ll spend each day your Facebook birthday promotion is active.

Although Facebook refers to this as a daily budget, it actually specifies your weekly budget.

As Facebook explains:

“Over the course of a calendar week (Sunday through Saturday), your costs will average out. You won’t go over 7 times your daily budget for any seven-day period ending on Saturday at midnight.”

This means that if your daily budget is $5, you might spend $7 one day but only $3.50 the next.

However, since Facebook states “you won’t spend more than 7 times your daily budget,” you won’t spend more than $35 in a week if you set your daily budget to $5.

In order to deliver your ads as efficiently as possible, the platform spends more money on certain days of the week.

You can also define an account spending limit to ensure you never go over budget, ever. This is particularly helpful if you run several continuous ads.

Until you reset or change this limit yourself, it remains constant.

Then, click the three-dot menu to modify, clear, or remove your account spending limit. Meta Business Suite dashboard → Settings → Ad account settings → Payment settings &rarr.

How much should you spend each day, though? There is a technical way to figure this out, but we’ll talk about that later. You can find a justification for that by scrolling down a bit.

Enter the bare minimum you’re willing to spend every day if you don’t want to spend the time (or do the math) on this.

After a few days, you can evaluate your performance and make adjustments as necessary.

To the right, you’ll see an estimate of how many people Facebook anticipates your ad will reach and how many link clicks you’ll get for your selected daily budget.

Step 10: Launch Your Ad

To choose where Facebook shows your birthday deal ad, open the Placements section.

Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook are Facebook’s pre-selected options.

Try removing each selection of Messenger and Instagram separately. When I chose Instagram instead, for instance, my estimates rose.

The Pixel option ought to be enabled as well.

You add a small piece of code called Facebook Pixel—now called Meta Pixel—to your website to link it to your Facebook business account.

Facebook will track customer actions after they click on your ads if you enable this feature.

Consider it the Facebook Ads equivalent of Google Analytics.

Additionally, you can use Pixel to retarget previous website visitors.

Create a Pixel for Facebook, and then use a plugin like Insert Headers and Footers to add the code to the header of your WordPress website.

Include a payment option as well.

Lastly, choose how you want to launch your ad:

  • Promote Now – Launch the advertisement right away.
  • Schedule – If a Start date wasn’t previously specified, decide when to launch the advertisement.

Instead of running a continuous ad, you can use the Schedule option to make a different Facebook birthday discount ad for each month of the year.

This enables you to tailor your marketing messages and images for special occasions like the holidays.

More about Facebook Ads:

Tips For Facebook Ads Birthday Discount

Let’s look at some advice to transform your Facebook Ads birthday discount campaign from a standard campaign to an AMAZING campaign now that you know how to set it up!

Copy For Your Facebook Ad

Saying “Happy Birthday” will do; it’s simple. They are thinking about their upcoming birthday, so wishing them a happy birthday will definitely get their attention. That’s it; they’ve noticed you.

Your lovely birthday offer can then enchant them. Make this copy as succinct as you can, i.e.

“We would like to present you with on your birthday.”

By telling them you’re giving them something for free, you’ll be able to quickly capture their attention and hold it.

Although the “Enticing Product Descriptions That Convert” blog was written on a different topic, the same principles apply here and might be worth a read. The key elements are being clear, succinct, and captivating!

Creative For Your Birthday Discount

A nice creative piece will catch the person’s attention in addition to using straightforward language. You can draw on the celebratory, enjoyable, and lavish nature of birthdays. This is one occasion when a display of color, confetti, and fireworks won’t seem out of place.

Additionally effective are animated GIFs or even video advertisements. Having cake, candles, and balloons fly around the screen is one option. Your product and unique offer can then be presented right after.

Reading this article, Growing your Shopify Store with Content Marketing, will give you more knowledge about creative content.

Retargeting After A Birthday Discount Campaign

Follow-up is a must, always. Follow-up marketing is crucial, just like with other kinds of advertising campaigns.

Some companies employ an intriguing strategy called A Thank You Follow Up. Once they’ve used their birthday gift or discount, you should point them toward a thank-you page.

This is an additional opportunity to give them something extra as a thank you for being such a wonderful customer on their birthday! By letting them know that this offer is time-limited, you can further instill the idea of scarcity in it. This strategy is known to increase conversions, which is what you need to achieve crucial sales.

For instance, “add product B in the following 30 minutes to receive an additional 10% off!”

By using various strategies, such as email marketing, you could also retarget customers with goods that are comparable to the ones in which they previously expressed interest.

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It is possible to create audiences based on almost any demographic information, including birthdays. To ensure that you reach the right audience, you can focus your targeting by location, gender, and even age

Is It Possible To Run A Facebook Advertisement  Without A Business Page?

No, in order to run a Facebook ad, you must have a business page. When you run an ad on Facebook, you are required to display your company’s identity, which is your business page.

Fortunately, creating a Facebook business page only requires a short amount of time. You don’t need to add any content to your page, so don’t worry. You can go straight to the advertising.

Can An Individual Run A Facebook Ad?

You cannot manage a Facebook ad from your personal page, sorry. Instead, you must link your business page to your advertisement.

What then should a coach, creator, or business owner do? When you set up a Facebook business page, choose “Public Figure” as the page type so you can promote yourself.

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