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How To Run Facebook Ads For Daraz Seller? Updated 2022

Are you aware that Facebook advertisements can start generating revenue for your products and brand right away? Here are some tips for making your Daraz advertisement effective!

Facebook is a fantastic venue for product promotion if you sell on Daraz. Your “Daraz Online Shopping” Only if you select the appropriate Facebook interests and precisely target your audience can Facebook ads help you increase brand awareness, coverage, and conversions. So it is important to know how to run Facebook ads for Daraz seller. For more information, keep reading!

“Daraz Online Shopping” Overview

At first, we can have an overview of “Daraz Online Shopping”. The interest “Daraz Online Shopping” has 30,200,500 audiences in Men made up 72.5% and women made up 27.5 percent of these audiences on Facebook. 25 to 34-year-olds made up 41.94% of the Daraz Online Shopping audience.

There are also many hidden interests of “Daraz Online Shopping”. You can choose the most appropriate interest for your “Daraz Online Shopping” advertising according to the real situation.

Daraz Seller

Why Should Daraz Seller Run Facebook Ads?

The largest eCommerce platform for both Pakistan and other nations is Daraz. There are hundreds of thousands of users on Daraz, and vendors can use advertisements to reach more users and increase sales. It is an opportunity for vendors to showcase their goods to customers who enjoy online shopping.

Facebook Ads for Daraz Online Shopping Facebook has 30,200,500 Facebook audiences because it has a very reliable and prospective audience. So now, the question is,” How can you make those people come and buy from you”?

Here you can use Ad targeting to target the right audience.” AdTargeting.” helps you resolve this problem. It will direct you in regards to those pursuits that strangers and your rivals are unaware of. Read the entire article to learn how you can simultaneously target your audience.

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“Daraz Online Shopping” Facebook Ads Audience Analysis Report

When you run “Daraz Online Shopping” advertisements on Facebook, you need to set suitable audience targeting conditions in “Daraz Online Shopping” Facebook ads. After analyzing the audience of “Daraz Online Shopping”, you can get the report of “Daraz Online Shopping” audience analysis includes much detailed information´╝Ü


The majority of people interested in “Daraz Online Shopping” between 25-34, and they accounted for 41.94%. Additionally, age groups like 18-24 made up 34.94% of the population. The people interested in “Daraz Online Shopping” between 35-44 accounted for 13.82%.

Job Title

From the job title of the audience, we can analyze that the people interested in “Daraz Online Shopping” who work on 30% of the audience is in management. In addition, those who work in administrative services and sales also have a large audience.

Relationship Status

The majority of people interested in “Daraz Online Shopping” are in a relationship.

They make up a sizable portion, about 51%, and are single.


Men made up 72.5% of the population while women made up 27.5%.


Most people have college degrees.

Relationship Status

The majority of people interested in “Daraz Online Shopping” are in a relationship. They make up a sizable portion, about 51%, and are single.


People in Pakistan have the highest passion for “Daraz Online Shopping”. And Bangladesh and Myanmar also have large numbers of people interested in “Daraz Online Shopping”.

You can explore more comprehensive audience analysis data using the Facebook interest targeting tool in addition to the audience analysis report mentioned above.

What Is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads, you can expand the audience for your message. A paid advertising platform enables companies to target users according to their interests.
How Should I Run Facebook Ads for a Daraz Seller?
You must first register and set up your business profile in order to run Facebook ads on Daraz Seller. The name of your product or service, the URL of your website, and the anticipated campaign budget are just a few examples of the information you must provide about your company. Along with selecting your target demographics, you will also need to create advertising campaigns. The price of managing a Facebook Ads campaign varies according to the quantity and placement of your ads.

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How To Create An Facebook Ad?

You can reach out to potential customers by running a Facebook advertisement for your Daraz seller business. Before you begin, there are a few things you should understand. Here are the basics:

1. Choose the right target audience

You must first choose the audience you want to reach before you can begin writing your advertisement. People who have already purchased from your Daraz seller business, people who reside in your target market, or people who are interested in what you have to offer can all be your target audience. You can start creating your advertisement once you’ve chosen your target market.

2. Choose the right advertisement format

You have access to a number of different ad formats on Facebook. You have a choice between text ads, picture ads, and video ads. Each format has pros and cons of its own. For instance, text ads are less expensive than photo ads but less successful than video ads. It’s crucial to pick the format that works best for the good or service you’re selling.

3. Write a compelling headline and description

The two most critical components of your Facebook ad campaign are the headline and description. Your headline should grab the attention of potential customers.

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How To Write Effective Ads?

A great way to reach potential customers on social media platform is through Facebook advertising. To create effective advertisements, you need to be aware of a few things.

You must first choose the type of advertisement you want to make. Text, image, and video are the three main categories of advertisements. Each has advantages and restrictions of its own.

Text Ads: Text ads are the most basic kind of advertisement, and they can be made with just a few basic fields. In most cases, they have few colors and small font sizes. The drawbacks include the fact that they are less visually appealing than other kinds of advertisements and that small print can be challenging to read.

Image Ads: Although slightly more challenging than text ads, image ads have some advantages. They might also be bigger and more eye-catching, increasing the likelihood that someone will click on them. You may also use pictures that are on your Facebook page or that are on other websites. However, image ads typically don’t provide as much information about the good or service as text ads do, so it’s crucial to make sure your copy is crystal clear and succinct.

How To Spread Your Ad for “Daraz Online Shopping”?

You can create your ads and spread them across Facebook, Instagram, and audience networks with the help of some of the steps. You can use these websites to target specific individuals and draw them to your product. Here I will guide you in a few steps on how you can do this:

Show Ads across Devices

You can use your favorite device to post your “Daraz Online Shopping” ad to target your audience. No matter what device they are using, if you know what interests your audience, it doesn’t matter. They can view your posts or ads on desktop and Android devices as well.

Show in a Few Steps

Advertising of “Any platform can easily access Daraz Online Shopping”Ads. Select the location where you believe the majority of the audience is present or visiting after creating your advertisement for your product. None of these steps necessitate reformatting or resizing.

Stay Accurate and Safe

It does not imply that you are losing control if your range is expanding. Your Easy-to-use brands control the whole procedure of where your ad will appear or where not.

You must know the difference between these platforms where you post your “Daraz Online Shopping” Advertising. Every platform has a unique set of features and audience demographics. Facebook users with a variety of shopping interests will visit your ads if you post them there. There are various interests of people on Instagram.

Definition of Your Theme

First, you need to decide what you want from your audience and what you want them to remember about your advertisement. Think carefully about what theme will exactly suit your Ad that will attract your audience to you and make you unique from others. Your theme can be any idea, visual theme, or concept you like.

Understand Your Audience

In order to capture their attention with your advertisements, you must speak directly to their interests. Think about the various interpretations of the concepts and ideas that interest them. They will be significantly impacted and targeted. They’ll be eager to visit you and make purchases from you.

Tips For Optimization And Testing Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a fantastic way to connect with prospective clients and customers. Testing and optimization are necessary for success, though, just like with anything else. This blog post will cover some suggestions for refining your Facebook Ads campaign and testing the results to ensure maximum efficacy.

1. Choose the right target audience
Make sure to choose the appropriate target audience when developing your advertising campaign. Consider choosing pet owners as your target market if you sell products related to animals. Your target market should be those who are interested in traveling if you are selling a travel-related product.

2. Set the budget wisely
Be sure to take into consideration factors like competition and desired effect when establishing your budget. For instance, setting a lower budget may be preferable to simply wanting to reach a larger audience if you want a high ROI (return on investment). Also, take into account whether you want your advertisement to only be seen in particular regions or nations.

3. Be creative with your targeting
After choosing your target market, it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to targeting possibilities. For example, you can use keywords targeted at people in your target audience

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How Much Do Daraz Sellers Earn?

Average Daraz.pk Seller monthly pay in Pakistan is approximately Rs 23,520, which meets the national average.

How Can I Advertise My Daraz Store?

Following are the ways to participate in a marketing campaign and offer customers a good deal:

  1. Do not forget to offer a wide variety.
  2. Offer reasonable prices.
  3. Prepare a big enough stock.
  4. Only submit products that are currently “Live” on Daraz website.
  5. Create vouchers that are campaign-related.

How Do You Sell on Facebook Ads?

To make money with Facebook ads, you need to get four things right, you need to sell the right product, you need to create the right ads, you need to target the right audience and you need to set the right budget. I’ll go into detail about each of these subjects, but I want to start with a discussion of products.

Is Daraz Free for Sellers?

Daraz does not charge any registration fee to become a seller. For what you sell, you only have to pay a small commission.

Is It Worth It to Sell on Daraz?

Yes, Daraz supports your company by offering professional services, quick and dependable shipping, and secure payments. With a little investment and lesser commission, on having the chance to sell your products, you can earn well from Daraz.


Facebook Ads are the best option if you want more people to click on your advertisements.

You have learned how to manage successful Facebook Ads campaigns in this article, which will increase your company’s sales and leads. You can quickly increase your bottom line by using the advice we’ve provided.

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