How To See When A Friend Was Added On Facebook? Updated Guide

The most well-known social networking site where you can create an account and add contacts is Facebook. When taking a trip down memory lane or when you don’t remember friending someone but are curious, knowing when you friended someone on Facebook can be helpful. Do you know how to see when a friend was added on Facebook? There are several ways on Facebook to discover how you met someone.

You can find out the month and year you first became friends, as well as other details like posts you’ve exchanged, friends you share, and pictures you’re both tagged in, using the Friendship feature on your friend’s Facebook page. By looking at your activity log, you can also determine the precise day you met.

Can You See When A Friend Was Added On Facebook?

You can use the activity log and the friendship feature on a friend’s Facebook page to check when you became friends with someone on Facebook. The precise day, month, and year you each accepted the other’s friend request are visible.


How To See When A Friend Was Added On Facebook?

There are methods for finding out how long you’ve been a friend of someone on Facebook. One tactic, for instance, asks you to recall the occasion on which you consented to be their friend. The alternative method locates your most recent anniversary with a friend using the Activity Log feature. You can find out when you first became friends with someone using the Facebook Friendship feature on their page, as well as other details like the posts you’ve shared, the friends you’ve connected with, and the pictures you’ve both been tagged in. You can also use the Facebook Friendship feature on your own Facebook page to find out when you first met someone.

Seeing The Month And Year

Step 1

Navigate to your friend’s timeline.

Step 2

Go to your friend’s Timeline and click the gear-shaped button there.

Step 3

When you click “See Friendship,” a friendship page containing all of your Facebook interactions with your friend will appear. The top of the list indicates the month and year you became friends.

Seeing The Exact Date

Step 1

To view a list of all your Facebook activity since you first created your profile, click the “Activity Log” button at the top of your Timeline.

Step 2

After selecting the “Friends” tab, click the “More” link on the left side of the page to reveal additional options. Finding the appropriate listing is made easier by the list being reduced to your friendship requests and acceptances.

Step 3

To find the day you became friends with a particular person, scroll down the list. With the most recent activity at the top of the list, it is arranged by date. If you have a long list of friends, you can jump to a particular time by selecting the year and month in the top-right corner of the page.

Why I Can’t See When A Friend Was Added On Facebook?

Look directly beneath the Friendship page’s cover image. It includes pertinent information about your friendship, such as the day you two first became Facebook friends. Any mutual friends that you and your partner share are shown in the Friends section. You might need to report the problem to Facebook if you can’t see when you became friends with someone on the social network. You can clear Facebook’s cache prior to contacting them. It’s quick and simple to clear the cache in your browser, and it might fix your Facebook connection issue. However, there is a catch.

Other Activity That You Can Review

Numerous post types are included in the Activity Log.

It enables you to view all of your posts in an organized manner.

The Activity Log allows you to review the following activity types.

Your Posts

The Your Posts section of the Activity Log contains the majority of your Facebook posts.

There, you can access the pictures, videos, status updates, and other text posts you’ve made.

The posts you shared from other sources are also included.

The Your Posts section of the Activity Log is where you should look if you ever need to locate an older post you made.

In the Activity Log, you can review, remove, or do other things with it.


Reviewing earlier comments you made on posts can be challenging as well.

The Activity Log’s Interactions section is useful in this regard.

Every comment or response you have ever made to a post is collected here.

You can locate an old meme or video that you loved much more easily by looking through your Interactions in the Activity Log.

In this section of the Activity Log, you can find posts that you liked as well.

Activity You’re Tagged In

Posts that someone has tagged you in are simple to overlook.

You might miss a tagged post if you haven’t used Facebook recently.

The Activity Log will help you find it.

In the “Activity, You’re Tagged In” section The items in the Activity Log that a friend or other person tagged you in our pictures, posts, and comments.

Additionally, you can edit or delete the post using the Activity Log.

For those who need to locate a post that they did not share on their timeline, this section of the Activity Log is useful.

Groups And Events

It can be simple to lose track of information if you’ve ever belonged to several different groups.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you’ve ever responded to a post or whether a certain post has received your approval.

On the Activity Log, you can look over details about the events and groups you’re a part of.

Even information about the Facebook groups you created is displayed.

Your comments on group posts and other group-related activities are among the details you’ll see.

Profile Information

This section of your Activity Log contains specific information about your profile.

It’s an easy way to quickly check the data that appears on your profile.

This data is private and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

Your email address and phone number are just a few examples of the details listed in the Profile Information section.


Although it was briefly mentioned earlier, this section of your Activity Log is essentially where all of the data regarding your friends are stored.

It informs you of your Facebook connections, the relatives you’ve listed, and your anniversaries.

Logged Actions And Other Activity

Past videos you’ve watched are covered in the Activity Log’s final section.

Any videos that you clicked on and watched will be displayed.

Additionally, it provides details about any devices that also share your Facebook login information.

In this section of the Activity Log, you can also find additional helpful login information.


Knowing how long you’ve known someone can allow you to recognize your enduring friendship. You can create a video to mark an anniversary using the “On This Day” feature on Facebook.

When you click the tab, a Facebook video created especially for you to commemorate your friendship anniversary will be displayed. Sending your friend a fun Facebook anniversary video with images of the two of you in it is made simple by Facebook.

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