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TikTok Ads Outside of Schedule: Why Not Deliver?

When creating a new Tiktok ads campaign, it is not easy to get active immediately to run. Here are seven basic mistakes that make your TikTok ads outside of schedule.

Before creating and launching ad campaigns, TikTok offers clear Ad review checklists that you can refer to.

Determining the causes of your TikTok ads’ not delivered as well as solutions to the issue is what this article is all about.

7 Reasons Why Your TikTok Ads Are Not Delivering

If TikTok ads are managed properly, they can be very profitable. Your TikTok ads aren’t working for the following 6 reasons, which we’ve listed below. Discover the issue by reading on.

1. Ad Consistency

Numerous options are available on TikTok to create a fantastic advertisement for your company. Songs, fonts, filters, templates—the list is endless! However, the text, images, videos, call-to-action, and other elements of your advertisement must always be in line with the good or service you are trying to sell. Your ads will be rejected, for instance, if your video features one product but your landing page links to a completely different one. Additionally, the ad caption must match the corresponding ad image or video.

2. Ad Caption, Text, Image, and Video Issues

Keep an eye on your grammar! There must be no grammatical or spelling errors in advertisements. Therefore, always check again before proceeding! Additionally, never use gimmicks with capitalization, spacing, or symbols in your captions, no matter how clever or creative they may appear to be. Keep the pictures clear, without any blurs, shadows, or watermarks. Your advertisement won’t run if the videos and audio are not high resolution and are not provided in the required ratios (9:16, 16:9, or 1:1).

TikTok Ads

3. Adult Sexual Content Issue

Some brands and businesses should be aware that excessive visible skin in ad creatives will result in the content being blocked by regulations. This includes anything that is overly suggestive or provocative, showing nudity or intimate body parts. Don’t forget that children shouldn’t be depicted in your advertisements either.

4. Misleading Claims Issue

Some of those TikTok filters might be useful for emphasizing the superiority of your good or service, but don’t use them in your advertisements. Why? Because brands shouldn’t make inflated claims in their advertisements. Be cautious when making claims about your brand and avoid doing so without supporting evidence. Avoid making derogatory comparisons to competing brands or boasting about how much less expensive your product is. Keep in mind that certain businesses may also be subject to restrictions if their creatives or landing pages make performance guarantees or time limit claims.

5. Sensational and Shocking Content

Advertisers must refrain from using any graphic or gruesome imagery that might frighten or startle viewers or otherwise make them feel uncomfortable. Excessive violence or cruelty, crime and horror scenes, human or animal waste, and any risky behaviors without appropriate safety precautions are prohibited. This is crucial information for brands and companies in the beauty sector. It is strictly forbidden to use any imagery that depicts dirt oozing from pores or hair being pulled out.

Watch out for content that discusses alcohol, gambling, lotteries, religion, and healthy eating. These subjects are categorically off limits.

6. Restricted Content

You might find that certain topics are off limits in your market, even ones you wouldn’t expect. For instance, advertisements for goods or services geared toward children, such as toys, games, apps, clothing, etc. Even though the product might be intended for a broad audience, it is also illegal in the US to advertise specifically to children. Verify the ad laws in your nation.

7. Currency Difference

The cost of your goods must be expressed in the same currency as the nation you are targeting. Your product’s cost must be listed in dirhams if you advertise in Dubai. If not, your customer won’t see your advertisement.

To avoid this error, use a single advertisement for a single region.

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When Does TikTok Reject Your Ad?

Other social media platforms don’t use the same advertising formulas as Tiktok. Even if only your leading page doesn’t meet their requirements, they can still ban your advertisement. Additionally, language barriers, inconsistent ads, and sloppy captions can lead to the rejection of advertisements.

Here are some common causes why TikTok rejects your Ad:

1. Top Page Not Up to the Mark

Tiktok primarily concentrates on user requirements for the first page of your advertisement. In order to avoid having your advertisement rejected by TikTok, your top ad page must be user-friendly.

Here are some conditions for leading page when TikTok rejects your Ad:

  • When your Leading page has Site under construction, Tiktok will reject your ad if it has expired or contains other error messages.
  • Your advertisement will be reviewed if the top page of it contains incomplete content. And in most cases.
  • Tiktok primarily focuses on mobile. Thus, your lead advertisement page must be compatible with mobile devices. If not, it might be turned down.
  • TikTok suspects you of identity theft any time the Top page requests personal information. And flag your Ad.
  • Rejection results from promoting illegal content on the home page. Additionally, sometimes your Id is banned.
  • TikTok receives a malware alert whenever Users require additional software to access your top page. In that case, TikTok rejected your advertisement.
  • Your ads become unwelcoming to TikTok users if the back button is disabled on your home page. As a result, AI decides to block your advertisement.

2. Inconsistency in Ad Creation

Your advertisement’s content must work with your product. TikTok will reject your ad if its AI finds that it isn’t pertinent to your content. Therefore, ensure that your landing page is compatible with the merchandise you are selling.

Here are some situations when TikTok Rejects your Ad for Inconsistency:

  • TikTok will not accept your advertisement if your video is about selling tea but your top page features coffee.
  • When your advertisement caption says “Create Your Own Caricature,” but the content is about “Meet Your Future Self,” then Your ad won’t appear on AI.
  • The Description of your ad says XShampo, but the leading page shows YShampoo also then, Your ad will be rejected by TikTok.

3. Difference in Language

When you create your ad for France, but the video language is Arabic, the authority will reject your ad. Therefore, make your advertisement appropriate for the culture of your target audience.

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How to Fix TikTok Ads Outside of Schedule?

Your product’s sales won’t be satisfactory if you don’t target the right market. In rare instances, your advertisement may even receive fewer views. Therefore, it’s important to target your audience.

Here are the steps you must take in order to create custom audiences on TikTok.

Change Funnel Objective

Change your advertisement to the upper funnel to increase traffic. Tiktok has 4 funnels site visit, product view, add to cart, enter the checkout and purchase change-funnel-objective

You can increase traffic by simply switching out the object in your funnel.

Bidding Strategies

The least expensive option needs to be used to launch your advertising campaign. The budget should then be raised gradually. With this approach, your advertisement will receive the most effective traffic.

You must, however, keep a close eye on things and adjust pricing as necessary.

Target a Broader Audience

Having a large audience helps the tiktok algorithm perform better. So choose a broad audience rather than a specific one. However, keep an eye on the list of the relevant audience; otherwise, your advertisement will be quickly reported. target-a-broad-audience

Increase the Daily Budget

If you don’t raise your budget, your advertisement won’t escape learning face. Even if you initially see good traffic, if your budget is too low, your ad will eventually reach the declining stage.

For a customer base based in the USA, we advise starting at least $100 per day.

Wait for Results

If their ads don’t spend within the first couple of hours, many users start to panic. They lose their composure and immediately begin to make changes. Wait at least 48 hours before making any changes to avoid panicking like they did.

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How Long Do TikTok Ads Take to Get Approved?

According to the firm’s help center, TikTok approves your ad within 24 hours in most cases. Your ad must meet their requirements in order to be approved within the specified time. So that your ads can be approved more quickly, always keep in mind TikTok’s advertising policies.

What If TikTok Ads Not Getting Impressions?

If the content of your ad is not attractive enough, the customer will not click on the ads. Because of this, customer interactions will be brief, and TikTok will immediately restrict how it delivers your ads. This indicates that your user targeting is excessive and that your ad conditions are also excessive.

Why Am I Suddenly Getting Ads on TikTok?

The other reason you see so many ads is because TikTok has changed its advertising policy. In the past, you could turn off TikTok ads in your profile settings. But TikTok mandated ads starting in April 2021. You therefore see advertisements tailored to your interests whether you like it or not.

Conclusion on TikTok Ads Not Deliver

To cut a long story short, Tiktok won’t deliver your advertisement to your target market if you use out-of-date content or advertisements from other platforms. The same issue can also be brought on by frequent reporting on your content.

So to escape from this situation, avoid targeting an irrelevant audience. I appreciate you taking the time to read this article in its entirety. I hope I’ve covered everything you wanted to know.

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