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What Is A Link Click On Facebook Ads? Complete Guide

There are several variations of “clicks” in your Facebook, do you know what is a link click on facebook ads?

Facebook defines Link Clicks as “the number of clicks on links within the ad that led to destinations or experiences, on or off Facebook.” Link Clicks are therefore more targeted than the Clicks (All) metric, but they still include clicks on all links, whether they direct users to Facebook or not.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re trying to figure out what a link click is and whether it’s better to measure link clicks versus landing page views for your new Facebook Ads traffic campaign. Keep reading!

3 Types Of Click Metrics On Facebook Ads

Facebook offers 3 primary click metric families:

  • All clicks: The total number of clicks on your ad, taking into account any ad-specific actions like comments, likes, and shares, is a helpful metric for assessing the overall effectiveness of your ads.
  • Link clicks: the total number of times links in your advertisement were clicked, either to Facebook or to other websites, videos on YouTube, or other destinations. can be helpful to block out some noise.
  • Outbound clicks: the total quantity of clicks from Facebook to your website or app(s). This metric comes the closest to accurately tracking site traffic, but it misses full page loads.

Because of all the confusion with these “click” proxy metrics which don’t seem to tell us much about the value we’re getting, you can see why “views” would feel more human and valuable to a business.

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What Is A Link Click?

What It Means

Perhaps the most simple type of click, Link Clicks refers to the number of clicks on links within an ad that led to destinations or experiences on or off Facebook.

Link clicks are essentially the sum of all past ad clicks. This implies that if a single user clicks an advertisement five times, five Link Clicks will be recorded.

How It’s Calculated

A Link Click occurs every time a user clicks on a part of the advertisement that links to places or things to do.

Why You Should Care

Although the Link Clicks metric may not always consider the caliber of traffic, it can provide you with a good indication of overall ad engagement.

When compared to other metrics like landing page views, Link Clicks can help you better understand what happens after a user clicks on your advertisement.

Link Click

Landing Page Views Vs. Link Clicks On Facebook Ads

The most accurate website traffic data you can obtain from a Facebook Ads campaign is the number of landing page views.

It is the statistic that demonstrates how many visitors clicked on an advertisement and then waited for your webpage to fully load.

This metric provides you with a more thorough understanding of the effectiveness of your advertising campaign than link clicks alone because it relates to actual brand awareness. Link clicks are only used to measure one click.

The metric doesn’t take into account whether or not the user actually consumed your content or even just took some time to wait for it to load…

There’s no guarantee the person will have found your page, much less engaged with the media you’ve worked so hard to bring up.

In response to this issue, Facebook added the Landing Page Views metric to its list of options for ad campaigns in 2017. Link clicks were the only optimization option available prior to the introduction of this metric.

Why Link Clicks Don’t Always Result In Landing Page Views?

Why wouldn’t a page view happen if a user clicks on an advertisement?

Given that they are acting, it stands to reason that they are somewhat curious about what is going on behind closed doors. People are actually lazy, it’s a fact.

Expect more than 50% of all clicks to stop immediately if your destination URL takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Every additional second will bring you closer to the point where, quite literally, everyone will be irritated with your page for taking too long to load.

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What distinguishes landing page views from link clicks?

A landing page view occurs when a user clicks a link in your ad, navigates to, and fully loads the destination URL. A link click only counts the actual click and does not consider whether the page has loaded or not.

What do link clicks on Facebook ads mean?

This refers to the quantity of links within the advertisement that were clicked on and then followed to the advertiser’s predetermined locations, whether those locations were on or off Facebook.

What distinguishes unique link clicks from regular link clicks?

The quantity of individuals who clicked a link is referred to as unique link clicks. According to your data, there were 16 link clicks and 12 different link clicks, for instance. The reason is that 16 clicks were made by 12 different individuals.

Final Words

There is a reason for each of these metrics. The Clicks (All) metric is useful for gauging overall engagement with a post or advertisement, whereas Landing Page Views (and even more precisely, Unique Landing Page Views) are the best for gauging high-quality clicks to an external website or landing page.

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